The 80’s are back in a big way with the recent release of Air New Zealand’s 80’s themed in flight safety video, starring Richard Simmons. Simmons, a fitness personality, bopped his way through a decade of big hair and fluorescent lycra pants. Now, Ikea has released their new spot featuring the 1980’s hit Jona Lewie song “You’ll Always Find me in the Kitchen at Parties”. I feel this is just the beginning of an 80’s revival. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me the 80’s was a good time. Yes, Thatcher took our milk away from primary schools all over England. Yes, coal mining went South (pardon the pun). Yes, I got beat up by my brother. BUT, drinking less milk made me thinner, I didn’t grow up to be a coal miner to suffer later in life from a respiratory disease and getting a slap now and again from my brother toughened me up. So the 80’s wasn’t all that bad, and neither is this ad.