In the creative world we always talk about being single minded when communicating a message about a product or service. There are many good examples out there. Here’s an ad that leaves the viewer with no question about how this car makes you feel once you’re inside the vehicle.

Keeping your communication single minded makes for a better ad, for the client as well as the agency, rather than jamming lots of different messages into your communication which is more likely to turn your audience off. Trying to cover off lots of messages normally = Confusing and borrrring!

Humans like things to be simple. Relationships, workouts, work, life. No one wants a hard life and the public especially won’t waste their time and brain power listening and deciphering your message.

Take NASA for example, if they could get to the moon easier they would. NASA work creatively and tirelessly to get the astronauts to the moon in the simplest way possible. However, this is hard work to make things the simplest they can be for the astronauts. If the astronauts had to solve how to design a spaceship, build the spaceship as well as fly the spaceship they’d walk away as it would be impossible for them.

Keeping your message single minded makes it easier for your astronauts (customers) to connect with your message and to find their way to you, rather than walk away because it’s all just too hard.

Remember! Keep it simple, keep it single. It also helps to be entertaining too, just like the ‘Feels Good Inside’ ad below.

OOOH! Note to self: Keep it simple, keep it single = Sounds like a tagline for lawyers specialising in pre-nups.

This ad was created By Saatchi and Saatchi NZ. Obviously cat haters.