The supermarkets are stocked with mince pies and the department stores have been well and truly decorated for the last 3 months, which I loath to see.

Christmas is in December and trying to force-feed me mince pies, Christmas puddings and to buy tree decorations in October just makes me grinchy. And I’m sure Jesus doesn’t like it too much either. And what’s all this Christmas in July rubbish here in Australia?! NO!

Don’t get me wrong I’m no Scrooge, I love Christmas. Those that know me know what I’m like come the time of giving. But that time is December, not November, not October, September or even July. DE-CEM-BER.

Nevertheless we’re about to be bombarded with Christmas TV ads and I do like to see which ad will become my favourite over the festive period. It’s a little bit like ‘Top of The Pops’ in the UK, only for TV ads.

Ads don’t have to be Christmas themed, they just have to be released for the Christmas market. Here are a few unexpected favorites of mine from over the years.

I wonder what will top ‘Top of the Ads’ this Christmas?