I had a beauty of a Christmas ad to show you, a definite contender for ‘Top of the Ads’ 2012 (see last post). However my writer drew my attention to another lovely piece of communication this Friday while I was scribbling away drawing up our concepts for a client presentation.

The communication highlights a problem that Australia seems to be plagued with right now. Deaths of people taking silly chances with their lives to quickly get across train crossings before the train flashes by. Standing too close to the train platform edge and trying to drive through crossings before boom gates lower. Mostly because of people trying to save a few minutes of their time. Very dumb things to do. And that’s exactly how this communication positions itself.

The length of this communication from Metro is justified as it hits home the message of dumb ways to die. One or two examples of silly ways wouldn’t be as memorable but the key to all this, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts, is to be entertaining. This creative delivers entertainment in spades, If it didn’t people would switch off before getting to the message at the end. If the message was placed sooner upfront people would probably be likely to switch off once they know it’s a safety message from Metro. But this communication avoids these pitfalls, allowing us to fall in love with the characters and song and allowing the message to really sink in.

Ironic really isn’t it, when these people who dice with death to save a few moments of time are robbed of their whole lives.

Enjoy and don’t be dumb ;-) And if you really want to sit back and enjoy the video go to the website below and enjoy watching it in it’s own tasty environment :-)

Creative by McCann Melbourne for Metro Trains Melbourne. The song is available on iTunes.