There are some that are saying this ad is racist because, “it’s just saying all black people are happy”. (A comment made by Barbara Lippert, editor at

I would like to point out that the Caribbean Islands (the area the accent in the ad is portraying) have a diverse cultural background of Caucasian, European, Asian and African people. Many of which have a Caribbean accent.

To say that this ad is racist on the basis it communicates that ‘all black people are happy’ would indicate that you think someone speaking with a Caribbean accent have to be black.

This I find racist. The ad I don’t.

Arguments aside, the ad simply borrows from a truth that the Caribbean is a relaxed part of the world. And if you’re relaxed you’re likely to be happy. And Happy is how this car makes you feel, and the connection they’ve made to bring you an entertaining commercial.

My partner is from the Caribbean and I wanted to get her take on the ad.

She said.

“Dats cool maan!”