A simple demonstration can be a strong tool in advertising. Here’s the latest ad from Apple for the new iPad Air, ‘Pencil’. Which is appropriate, as today is the day it launched in Australia. 


To get to a simple idea as well as make a piece of communication interesting for the viewer it takes a lot of hard work. If it’s simple but not interesting it’s boring.

Firstly the agency devises a simple proposition. They need to get to know the clients problem and discover the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Once they have this USP it’s discussed with the client and everyone agrees, hopefully, to stay focused on the single minded proposition. If this doesn’t happen the process can be long and an unfruitful one.

The new iPad Air proposition could have been something like ‘The thinnest tablet’, and then backed up with a bunch of other stuff.

They’ve kept focused on one key outtake, thinner, and executed it in an interesting visual and verbal way without spelling it out and making it dull. They’ve also implied it’s replaced the humble pencil and become the next device that will create, by you, the next wonderful creations of the future.

Apple have actally covered a lot of ground with this spot. As well as inspiring you to create they go on to say it’s lighter and more powerful, but they’ve prioritised the messages and kept the USP (thinner) the star.

keeping it simple is never as simple as it seems. But from doing this we get greater work, quicker solutions to a brief, less time wasted overall, a more profitable outcome and better results for the client.

Whatever media you use to communicate, work hard at keeping it interesting and simple.