I was flicking through the channels on the TV when I heard myself?

Okay, it wasn’t me but it was another Yorkshire man with a fantastic accent. Jimmy Jackson, General Manager of AWI.

Jimmy was talking on Landline about the wool industry here in Australia and it got me thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be grand to contact the bloke to do a short film on Australian Wool’. I’ve got no idea why he would agree to that, and it seems I’ll never know as Country Road beat me to it.

Well done Country Road. Even though your wool jumpers for men are retailing at around $100 a pop, if you continue to create great communications such as ‘Life Through Wool’ staring Isabel Lucas then I’ll be a customer. Unless, I’m in NY where I can get the same quality jumpers for $30 from The Gap. A bargain too good not to indulge in when the opportunity is there.

Life Through Wool is a great piece of communication. The storytelling is beautifully crafted and executed. The music is fantastically composed by Erin McKimm, lifting elegantly at the 105 mark to lead the communication to the final stages of the film.

Along with Bonds, this is one of the better fashion spots I’ve seen in a while.