Finally the conversation on brands online and social media is coming to ahead.

There’s been a lot of talk about digital killing off advertising, but is it?

Digital is not killing our industry. Just like in the 50’s television didn’t kill radio.

Digital adds to the options we have to deliver our message effectively. And I’m not talking about banner clicks that lead to next to f-all sales.

I’m talking about real results. Communications people love to share and act upon because they’ve experienced a piece of communication that has struck a cord and inspired them to check it out and purchase.

What’s hurting the industry is bad marketing on both, client and agency side. Selling and creating rubbish that they kid themselves, and each other, in believing people are interested in viewing.

The smart ones know how to create communications that excite and motivate people to share and talk about a brand or product positively.

They know that only GREAT WORK delivers real results, which can achieve significant increases in sales and awareness whist bringing a smile to many faces, or stop people dead to think about a topic differently enough they act on it.

And, they know how to deliver that GREAT WORK with all, one, two, three or none of the channels we’ve mentioned above.

The smart ones know without solid thinking behind every communication you’re serving up missed opportunities.

Digital unfortunately has opened up more opportunities for charlatans without the ability to create worthy communications, but have a knack for churning out crap and spouting worthless stats which appear impressive on the surface. They then use this to pull the wool over people’s eyes that they understand the art of advertising.

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