On Saturday I attended the 2011 OFA (Open Family Australia) ‘Night on The Street’ gala, held at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne.

The OFA openfamily.com.au helps young people that have found themselves living on the streets or close to doing so. The evening aim was simply to raise some very much needed funds to allow this help to continue.

On the Freeform table, holafreeform.com, we rolled with the Cuban theme. Out came the Fidel Castro costume (Me), my rather large home made cigar and the panama hats. The night was huge, just like my cigar. A silent auction raised around $20,000 and the sale of a brand new Ford Fiesta topped $19,000 I think. But at this stage I was a little tipsy as the red wine and beer was flowing freely and the planking took on a life of its own.

Thanks to WARWICKS military costume hire, warwicks.com.au, for my Fidel costume. Blue Peter (a childrens programme I grew up with that showed you how to make things out of stuff) without them the large cigar wouldn’t have been possible. Freeform Advertising for a great night out and the OFA for organising the evening.

Some pics of the evening