After 17 years the very first TV script I wrote has appeared on YouTube.

The Sword Swallower, for Strepsils lozenges, was taped by a fan of the ad on her VHS video recorder back in 1994. The first few seconds of the ad are missing, due to the old VHS technology taking it’s time to start turning the tape and begin recording. But you’ll get the idea.

I’ve never owned a copy of the ad after falling out with the creative director, who didn’t want to pursue the idea after I presented it to him.

I was young and naive at the time and I went back to my office to complete the script. I then placed the script in the center of my desk and walked out.

A few months later I was watching TV when I saw it. My ad had been made. I wasn’t angry, after all I walked out that day. I was more relieved that my concept had survived.

Creatives that work in advertising will understand many good ideas don’t get up for all sorts of reasons, so I was over the moon the ad had lived to see the light of day.

Many thanks to YouTube user ClaudineJones who taped the ad all those years ago.