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Here’s a delicious TVC, that’s content to some, from the MLA to encourage the Australian people to throw some lamb on the barbie this Australian Day.


Note: I won’t make posting my own work on my own blog about fine creative work a habit. Promise!

This time I’m posting about the latest TVC/Cinema commercial that we’ve just launched for the Kubota Grand X tractor (M135GX.)

Kubota are fast becoming the leader over more well known tractor brands such as John Deere. Their reliability, comfort, design and their dealership after purchase service is top notch. So when we were asked to introduce this machine to the farming world we were very excited.

After we did the tour and took the controls of the new and old machines (which was AWESOME!!!) we established the thinking pose and began the creative process.

If you talk to farmers who depend on their tractors you’ll soon get a good idea of how vital a good tractor is for their everyday work, especially when they’re spending 12 hours a day sitting in them. Reliability must come as standard and with Kubota machines it does. Once we’d finished our joy rides we clearly could see the difference between the old and new model as well as against the competitors vehicles in the category.

The Grand X is definitely a new era for tractors as the design of the Grand X cabin is much more farmer friendly as well as more earth friendly compared to it’s rivals. The machine is clearly in a different class inside and out and we thought that was very interesting and we wanted to announce this in a big way.

To keep this post at a respectable length I’m not going to get into all the technical tractor details as there’s far more knowledgeable people who can do that if you’re interested.

This post is about the ad we created to standout from all those very normal shouting retail tractor ads that litter rural and regional television. An ad that announces the birth of a new era in tractoring and pokes a little fun at those lavish car ads we see from time to time. An ad with an eagle! And an owl!! And a horse!!! It was a sheer pleasure to create.


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